Sunday, May 4, 2008

What's been happening?

I realize it's been a coulpe weeks since I posted... alot has been happening... both good and not so good. On the bright side... My children's school had a vendor show this weekend. I had a table and sold hand stamped cards. It went pretty well, and of course that's what has been taking a big chuck of time - making those cards... a few of them are above (I'll post a few more later).

The not so good... my very good friend Michele was diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer and 5 days later underwent a double mastectomy. She's a single mom, alone with limited support (physically and financially) so I tried to be there for her whenever I could. She's doing well, personally I think she's doing amazingly well... I know if it were me, I would've been down for the count for more time than she allowed herself. She's strong - a fighter! SHe still has to go through treatments (they haven't decided whether it'll be chemo or just radiation). I'll be planning a fundraiser for her in the future (it's in the works) so I'll let you know when that is ready to announce.

I hope you had a great couple of weeks, and it won't be so long until my next post :-)