Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I'm not a huge fan of resolutions, I can make them, but not usually keep them, successfully.
I try, and for now - that has to count for something... LOL

I'm making 2 resolutions today... one to work out more. I work at a fitness club, so that seems like an easy one - but after working a shift, I usually just want to GO HOME and not hang out even longer. I do have my new schedule though, and see at least 3 days where i can go in a little early and get some time on a treadmill or eliptical.

The second is to update this blog more. I did actually get all my Christmas cards made and sent out (a few went out later than I would've liked, but they made it out before NYE).
So finding time to stamp is not usually the problem - I just need to find time to scan or photograph them and post them.

So, lets see how long I can do it...