Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The last of this week's Stamping MOJO

I've combined these last 2 groups of cards... 2 Sympathy cards (the hardest for me to make)... and 2 Christmas. (Yes, I'm trying to get a jump start on the Holiday Cards, so I won't fall behind)

More Stamping MOJO

Here are some FALL cards I've made this week:

My MOJO results

Ok... here are some of the cards I've made the last 2 weeks:

This "batch" are the all occasion cards.


I found some stamping MOJO...
Wait til you see all the cards I've made recently...

I thought about it and realized how I've been able to be more productive...
No it's not because I am working less, I am in fact working outside the home even more.
It is because I CLEANED MY STAMP AREA...
Moved furniture, re-organized, and more
(ok, well, I'm still working on it)

So here is my newly organized area