Friday, March 21, 2008

Chocolate Easter Egg Cartons

How cool that I stumbled upon Lauren's blog today (thanks Judy!),
which led me to Qbee (from Splitcoast) - she designed this very cute chocolate egg carton idea.

Perfect timing - I made 2 for my teenage nephews for Easter. Since they are for teenager boys, I left off the ribbon and flowers that Lauren and Qbee put on theirs. A little too plain for me (I really wanted to throw a flower or two on them, but I refrained. I used Think Happy Thoughts, Loads of Love Accessories, and So Many Scallops for the image/embellishment on top. The sides and insides used So Swirly Wheel and some retired stamps that I had out on my desk (needing to be put away).

You can find more about these boxes (including directions) here:

They really were not difficult to make. Give it a try, and share yours!!

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Alicia said...

I love this little box, but haven't had time to make one...I'm wanting to really get going on my scrapbooking so that is what I am into this week!

I just got your e-mail that you sent....I don't look at my gmail very much so I appologize for not replying. Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I'm new to this to and I don't really have a lot of traffic on it yet, but hope to.

You do great work. The card with the nose from Petal prints is a favorite of mine. I made one for my Dad last year on Father's Day and was so proud because he has a big nose and he has a flat top so I cut the hair from some black paper to look like a flat top and added glasses to boot....I'll have to see if I can find that picture because it turned out really funny!